Std 10 science-technology chapter-14 Quiz 

Std 10 science-technology chapter-14 Quiz

Standard 10,

Science and technology.

Chapter-14 Ouiz

standard 10 science-tecnology of Chapter - 14 QUIZ. The chapter 's name is Control and Coordination in Organisms ( sajivomaa niyantran ane sankalan).  

      Living Organisms are stimulated due to less or more changes in their enviroment. Due to stimulation against there changes organidms give response. As an example, If there is a change in heat, cold or nosle, living organism gives response against. This response to stimulus is genrally in the from of movements of their body parts. e.g. If a man touches a very hot vessel he quickly pulls his hand aways.
    Thus Reaction to stimuli is characteristic feature of the living organisms. Plants and animals respond to various to stimuli surrounding them But the method of reacting to stimuli is different in plants and animals.  The Quiz will be available in the other chapter on edusafar.

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