Std 10 science-technology chapter-5 Quiz 

                                  Standard 10,
std 10 science and technology chapter-5 Quiz
Science and technology.
Chapter-5 Quiz
standard 10 science-tecnology of Chapter - 5 Quiz . The chapter 's name is Magneticc Effects of Electric Current.
    During 1819-20 a Science teacher H.C.Oerstead discovered that the magnetic Field is Produced by an electric current in opposite that the Scientists named Michael Faraday, Andre Ampere etc. had Produced an clecric current From the magnetic field.
      It was Proved from many experiments that electricity and magnetism are associated with each other. this branch of phisics that civers universal study of electricity and magnetism is called electromagnetic or electrodynamics. the electromagnetic Principles are widely used in loud speaker, electric motor, magnetic train, hard disk of computer, communication etc.   The quiz will be available in the other chapter on edusafar.

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