Std 10 science-technology chapter-17 Quiz 

Std 10 science and technology chapter-17 Quiz

Standard 10,

Science and technology.

Chapter-17 Ouiz

standard 10 science and tecnology of Chapter - 17 QUIZ. The chapter 's name is Our Environment (Apnu paryavaran).  All Organisms including plants, animals and human being and their Physical surrounding with which they interact is called Environment. All biotic components of the Environment are dependent on each other for maintaining balance. Therefore, we can say that the different components of the Environment  are inter- linked and interdependent. 
The Environment Varies from place to place due to variation in climate, Soil type and topography. All Plants and animals adjust to the Environment  in any component and affect normal life or living Organisms. In this chapter, we shall be study how various factors in the Environment  interact with each other and how they implact the Environment .

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