Standard 9 science-technology Sem-2 chapter-8 Slideshow

 Standard 9 Science and Technology Sem-2 Chapter-8 Slideshow

Standard 9, Sem-2

Science and technology.

Chapter-08 Slideshow

standard-9 semister-2  science-tecnology of Chapter - 08 slideshow. The chapter 's name is Our Natural Resources.
Natural resources are all the natural commodities and features of the Earth's physical environment that are exploited by the human population. They are used to provide our needsfood, water and other materials. Human beings use natural resources for the maintenance of their life as well as for development.

     The Earth's physical environment is made up of the following four major sections or spheres: (1) Atmosphere: The 100 km thick layer of gases that surrounds the Earth. (2) Hydrosphere :  The earth's various water  bodies namely seas and oceans, lakes, rivers, ice sheets, glaciers etc. (3) Lithosphere : The rocks and soil that makes up earth's crust (outermost layer) is called lithosphere. (4) Biosphere : Those part of the above mentioned three spheres in which all living things exist.
         Living things constitute the biotic component of the biosphere. The air, the water and the soil form the non-living or abiotic components of the biosphere. The natural resources can be classified into two major types namely (1) Inexhaustible natural resources and (2) Exhaustible natural resources. The slideshow will be available in the other chapter on edusafar.

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