Standard 9 science-technology Sem-2 chapter-7 Slideshow

Standard 9 science-technology Sem-2 chapter-7 Slideshow

Standard 9, Sem-2

Science and technology.

Chapter-07 Slideshow

standard-9 semister-2  science-tecnology of Chapter - 07 slideshow. The chapter 's name is Diversity in Living Organisms-II (Classification of Animals).
These organisms are multicellular animals having eukaryotic nucleus and heterotrophic or parasitic. Their cells do not have cell wall, most of the animals are mobile and most of the animals have locomotary organs (except sponges). These animals are free living, parasitic or symbiotic. These multicellular animals include invertebrate and vertebrate.
Animal kingdom includes millions of species and shows a diversity. On the basis of cellular organization, symmetry, notochord and presence or absence of body cavity animals are classified into different phyla. On the basis of presence or absence of notochord there are two main types. The slideshow will be available in the other chapter on edusafar

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