Standard 9 science-technology Sem-2 chapter-6 Slideshow

Standard 9 science and technology Sem-2 chapter-6 Slideshow

Standard 9, Sem-2

Science and technology.

Chapter-06 Slideshow

standard-9 semister-2  science-technology of Chapter - 06 slideshow. The chapter 's name is Classification of plants. 
   You know that disrsity is seen in living organisms. They show diversities in their stucture, functions and behaviour. In short, there are unlimited varieties in the living world. The varieties we see in the organisms today, is a result of evolution through very long time.
During this long period many species of organisms have become extinct, while numerous species have been originated. The study of every organism separately and individully is Practically impossible. For convenient study and identification of organisms, they are to be classified into systematic groups as per rules on the basis of their varios stuctural levels.



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