Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research) Quiz

KRIYATMAK SANSHODHAN  (Interactive research) QUIZ
 Research meas The Problem of finding a permanent solution to the scientific method.  Research meas Taken out of curiosity. Stephane core pioneer in Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research). The teacher is Teaching problems in educational work  to handle Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research) . 
Dr Gunvant Shah said " Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research) in the education sector is small irrigation schemes". Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research by the researcher , 
the teacher has an opportunity to become a Class Interaction. Kriyatmak Sanshodhan (Interactive research) immediate solution of the local problems to research carried out by the teacher.
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