Buddhi Mapan (Measuring Intelligence) QUIZ

Buddhi Mapan (Measuring Intelligence) QUIZ
Intelligence is derived from the Sanskrit verb "budh". budh means to know. Intelligence means is the ability to understand. Woodworth said that  '' Intelligence is a way of acting ". Henmon said that "Intelligence involves two factors, the capacity for knowledge and knowledge possessed". Intelligence is contained in these four words. comprehension, invention, direction and criticism. Ryburn said that " Intelligence is the power, which enables us to slove problems and to achieve our purposes". Intelligence is the capacity for abstract thinking. D.Wechsler said that " Intelligence is the aggregate or global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, to think rationally and the to deal effectively with the Environment".

Intelligence tests are five types. (1) Individual test (2) Collective test (3) Interactive test (4) Non-Verbal test (5) Verbal test.
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