Std 10 science-technology chapter-18 Quiz 

Std 10 science-technology chapter-18 Quiz

Standard 10,

Science and technology.

Chapter-18 Ouiz

standard 10 science and tecnology of Chapter-18 QUIZ. The chapter's name is  Management of Natural Resources. Man depends on the nature for his requirements.
For thousands of years the earth has been fulfilling our basic requirements like air, water, light, habitab, food and clothes. Our inereasing demand of energy, as a result of our cultural evolution, development of agriculture and technological advances is also fulfilled by the earth.
The naturally occurring resourses, which can not be created by man, are termed our natural wealth. Those components of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere which can be used for the maintenance of life are called natural resources e.g., wather, land, forest, minerals, plants and animals.
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