Standard 12 English(SL) Question Bank


Here is a standard 12 English(SL) question bank. It has been prepared by Mr. M.K.BHAL from Palitana High school, Palitana & Mr. J.A.KAZI  from Shree L.J.Shah Girls' High school, Botad.The two friends have strived hard for the students for such a practice work in English. The noteworthy thing is that they made it free of cost to download for one and all. It has also been found useful n handy by the teachers and many students. I hope you too would take advantage of it. Best of luck.

standard 12 English(SL) question bank Information

It is our first humble attempt to prepare a question bank for std.12. It covers all the types of standard 12 English(SL) question bank. However, Hurculous task we applied to make it mistakeless. Please bring it to our notice if you find any. Your suggestions would be useful for making the material more beneficial to the students. Lastly the purpose of creating this material is not professional one. But an effort to render our experience and knowledge to the students of std. 12.

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