Gujarati Laghulipi  (Gujarati E-Book)
Gujarati Laghulipi (shorthand) - Student Edition
Publisher: Office of the Director of Language
Gujarat state, Gandhinagar
Pin : 382010
Gujarati Laghulipi (shorthand) First edition: 1992
Gujarati Laghulipi (shorthand) Second edition: 2010
Gujarati Laghulipi (shorthand) e-book Cost : free
This e - book of Total Pages: 563
Very useful book for stenographers
The book was ready to serve in an honorary dignitaries
Himmatbhai Dave, Kantilal Zala, Rameshchandra Bhupatkar, Pravinbhai Joshi
The book's Introduction: Kalidas Trivedi
Gujarati words in the English language shorthand for the list of words that have been used
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